Welcome to Princip.al

  A network of responsible investors.

The ‘principal’ investor of a family office is typically the representative and ambassador of the family’s financial interests.

Princip.al is a network of family offices and private investors.  Princip.al shares investment best practice and opportunities via small-scale events, an annual conference and bespoke match-making. Underlying our work is a desire to highlight opportunities that make a positive impact on society, in addition to a traditional dealflow of interest, to its membership.

Over the years, we have facilitated numerous high quality meetings and introduced many like-minded investors.

Please note:
Due to the pandemic’s restrictions on social contacts, it is impossible for us to organise our physical roundtables or our conference.
In the meantime, we are fully operational at Top Tier Access so have limited time and resources to assist with fundraising, meaning we have to be selective. You can still contact us if you think we can be of assistance otherwise.
Princip.al will continue to exist however, for the moment, the company is in the fridge.

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