Some Deals Realised on

Building a platform and an investing community has to be done one step at a time. After all, when you say “investing”, you immediately think “trust”. And trust is an honoured guest who doesn’t come easy and leaves rather quickly. We would therefore like to show some concrete examples of deals and introductions which actually led to results. Not to blow our own trumpet, Trump style, but to demonstrate that the system actually works. Due to the confidentiality we owe our members, we can’t be too specific. Due to our hands-off introductory approach, this list can’t be exhaustive. Some recent investments:
  • Two of our HNWI members met at one of our events and got on quite well. They’ve now seeded and set up a fund focused on start-ups in Belgium.
  • Some targeted introductions led to about a quarter of a million EUR invested in a portfolio of distressed offices.
  • We know of at least four of our members, HNWI and family offices, who together invested over 3 million EUR in various funds or funds of funds over the last year.
  • One of our more institutional members invested over 10 million EUR in a real estate co-investment in European peripheral residential real estate.
  • We introduced some of our family office members to a platform of secondaries, which led to over 10 million EUR transactions realised.
We can therefore conservatively guesstimate over 23 million EUR worth of transactions were conducted through the introductions we made and the roundtables we organised. In a global financial system of trillions, this is of course still peanuts. But we’re reassured that our members have started trusting the system and each other, and we’re confident our new scale-up will take matters further. We continue to believe that our aim to bring responsible capital to the real economy is a worthwhile one and thank everybody who’s helping us to make this possible.