The team has built a track record in facilitating successful introductions.’s deal flow is sourced from within its network of family office and private investor members.

For a deal to be introduced for the network’s bespoke match-making service, it should typically meet the following criteria:

  • Trusted source: a member will have already pre-vetted and/or committed to the deal;
  • The ticket size: seeks to facilitate introductions of a minimum size of 250K EUR;
  • Turnover: the company fundraising should show a minimum of 500K EUR revenue either in the last fiscal year or the last three months times four;
  • Sustainability: more than ever, family offices and private investors want to assure an aspect of sustainability or social impact to their investment commitments. We extend that goal to the selection of deals we introduce.

For a more detailed breakdown about how about how applies these criteria, please contact one of the team members. may charge a success fee of about 1 to 4% on any successful deal match. This is determined depending on the complexity, the asset class and the size of the deal. Full disclosure of this fee will be openly communicated to any prospective investor. will never push anyone into a deal.’s job is to understand its members’ investment criteria as well as possible and to introduce them to opportunities of their choice, typically co-investment opportunities with like-minded investors. does not and will not provide any investment advice.