In addition to the mediation of bespoke introductions, brings it members together via the means of:

  1. Small-scale round table events.
    These typically take place over lunch or late afternoon and never last longer than 2 hours, allowing participants to combine involvement in the event with other commitments.
  2. An annual conference.’s next conference will take place on 21 November 2019 in Brussels.  The 2018 inaugural annual conference took place on 21-23 November 2018 in Antwerp.  The conference tackled the theme of ‘longevity’ and offered numerous networking opportunities for members of the community. has organised more than 60 round table sessions in London and the Benelux region, covering investment topics as diverse as real estate, tech start-up valuation, agriculture, and impact investing at market rates of return.  The schedule for 2018 and 2019 is outlined in the table below.

Please note: events are typically sponsored by selected organisations who cover the costs of organsing the events in return for exposure to our community. Consult a list of ‘Past Events‘ along with attendance statistics over the past years.  For details of our full range of opportunities, email julie(at)

Events 2018-2019

2019BelgiumThe NetherlandsUK
January 2019Crisis Management with PwC & General van Uhm.
February 2019Attractive alternatives in 2019:
focus on Real Estate & Private Equity with Aberdeen Standard Investments. Brussels and Antwerp.

Lunch with Sweetwood Capital. Brussels.
March 2019Family governance & asset protection. Investor Lunch + VIP Tour at the HQ of Gassan Diamonds with HVK Stevens. Amsterdam.
April 2019Tax planning for Dutch & Belgian investors with Stibbe and trends in AI 'machine learning' with BlackRock. Amsterdam.
The influence of China on the European markets, the economic consequences of Brexit and other macro-economic topics. Talk by Paul Donovan, Chief Economist at UBS. Amsterdam.
May 2019Breakfast meeting with Alpha VC in Antwerp.
The new Belgian Company Code and the opportunities for private equity. Paul Musters will give a presentation on The Key Factors of a Winning Startup Team. With Van Olmen & Wynant. Brussels.
Round table with AKD. Amsterdam.Social event. London.
June 2019Summer drinks in Belgium. Summer drinks. Amsterdam.Summer drinks in London.
September 2019Round table event with Goodwell. Amsterdam.
November 2019'Better' Annual Conference. Brussels.
December 2019Round table event on Real Estate alternative investments (tbc)
2018BelgiumThe NetherlandsUK
January 2018New Year's Drinks.
New Year's Drinks.
March 2018Big Data with BlackRock.
May 2018Tech and the
circular economy. (Triodos)
June 2018Deep tech vs. low tech.
What are the opportunities? With Omnes Capital.

What's up Asia? With Ascender Capital & Dragon Capital.
Impact investing with
market-rate returns with Aberdeen Standard Investments.
Emerging markets.
September 2018The shop is dead, long live the shop!
A curious view on
investing in Benelux
retail property with Pertinea Property Partners.
Venture capital:
Team assessment &
legal aspects with AKD.

Wine tasting social with Trustmoore.
October 2018China: from quantity to quality with Aberdeen Standard Investments.
Logistics & real estate
innovation. (ABN Amro)
November 2018'Longevity' annual conference. Sponsored by Chiron Finance and Wellington Management.
The future of work with McKinsey & Partners.
December 2018Investing in families and their values with Banque de Luxembourg Investments.