In addition to the mediation of bespoke introductions, brings it members together via the means of:

Small-scale round table events.
These typically take place over lunch or late afternoon and never last longer than 2 hours, allowing participants to combine involvement in the event with other commitments.

An annual conference. has organised two day conferences: has organised more than 60 round table sessions in London and the Benelux region, covering investment topics as diverse as real estate, tech start-up valuation, agriculture, and impact investing at market rates of return. events are typically sponsored by selected organisations who cover the costs of organsing the events in return for exposure to our community.

Please note:
Due to the pandemic’s restrictions on social contacts, it is impossible for us to organise our physical roundtables or our conference.
In the meantime, we are fully operational at Top Tier Access so have limited time and resources to assist with fundraising, meaning we have to be selective. You can still contact us if you think we can be of assistance otherwise. will continue to exist however for the moment, the company is in the fridge.