Longevity Conference

Princip.al 1st annual conference:

Investing in the age of Longevity. 

22 November 2018
Elzenveld Hotel
Lange Gasthuisstraat 45, Antwerp, Belgium

Longevity Conference Programme

Can you imagine a society where families with four generations of active adults becomes the norm and not the exception? Should current improvements in living standards and healthcare solutions continue, this hypothesis could come true and we may face an economic and sociologic shift never before witnessed in human history. What will be the economic implications of this? What will happen when being fit at 100 years old will be the norm, and not the exception? We tried to discuss not just the obvious pitfalls such as the pension funds shortfall, but also the positive investment opportunities across all asset classes.

Princip.al’s first conference brought together a collection of high quality  speakers who offered their insightful views upon the trend towards longevity from their own perspectives and learnings. We all know that making small changes can reap significant rewards which lead to longer, healthier lives and this rule can be applied in many sectors. During this one-day event we tackled strategies for long-term investment in the age of longevity.

The warm and friendly event took place the Elzenveld Hotel and Meeting Rooms in Antwerp and offered a range of networking opportunities, including a visit to the art collection of Katoen Natie. 


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