Membership of the network is open to family offices, private investors (high-net worth individuals), private equity practitioners, venture capitalists and their representatives.  For a better view of the network’s demographics, please click here.

Registration with the network is free of charge, however members can choose to subscribe to’s ‘Premium’ Membership.

Benefits of a Premium Membership

For a fee of 750 EUR excl. VAT per year, per person, a Premium subscription*, will entitle you to:

1.First in line to receive deal referrals;
2.Priority and unlimited access to any event in any city;**
3.Dedicated assistance in best practice gathering and referral checking among your peers in the network;For example:
Find out who the best lawyers are in a given jurisdiction, or what kind of fixed income alternatives other families use…
4.Priority to showcase investment proposals (that fit our internal criteria) to the rest of the network;For example:
Let us discreetly check if other investors would like to co-invest with you, directly or through a fund/club deal.
5.Peace of mind that you have contributed to a network you can tap into if and when you need it.For example:
There may be times when you need to tap into a network larger than yours. We’re here to help.

* Single Family Offices can benefit from the same Premium service, but the 750 EUR fee is valid for all members of the family office. Other entities (except banks) wishing to have more than one member can decide to have unlimited memberships for 3500 EUR per year.

** Excluding potential “capital holders-only” events should you not fall in this category.

Benefits of a free membership

You are fully free not to subscribe! You will remain a valued member of the network and will be invited to events and referred deals. However, appropriate deals will be referred once those subscribing to the Premium service have already seen them and you will be limited to participating at a maximum of one event per year.

Peer to peer evolution

The success of the network is its outreach.  We like to make it more meaningful to its members by making it grow through its members.  If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.