Registration with the network is free of charge.  To access the deals and attend complementary events, members can choose to subscribe to’s ‘Premium’ membership.


  • First in line for deal referrals;
  • Priority seating at events;
  • Unlimited access to events per year in any city;
  • fee: 750 EUR ex VAT per year per person.


– Single Family Offices can benefit from the same premium benefits, but these would be valid for all members of the family office.

– Private investors with net worth greater than 20 million EUR can benefit from a 50% discount (Rate: 375 EUR per year)


  • Second in line for deal referrals;
  • Access to one (1) event per year in any city;
  • fee: none.

Peer to peer

The success of the network is its outreach.  We like to make it more meaningful to its members by making it grow through its members.  If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us